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OK. As I begin to write this first column, let’s get one thing straight. I am an unapologetic fan of Atlanta sports. What this means is that although I will try very hard to remain objective when discussing all things sports around the ATL, the truth is; it ain’t gonna happen where the Falcons, Braves, Hawks, Thrashers, Beat, Force etc. are concerned. This isn’t to say that I am blinded by my affections and will always paint the glass as half-full….no indeed. In fact, as some of you may be able to identify with, sometimes my passions may cause me to be a little less than polite when examining such topics as….lackluster effort, bad coaching decisions, penny-pinching ownership…you get the picture.

It bothers me that Atlanta is typified as a town full of apathetic sports fans…and I guess the bright side of my bias is that it insures I don’t reinforce that stereotype….and neither do thousands of you. My hope is that through this column, we can have a little fun discussing the hometown teams (and certainly beyond)…

There should be plenty to talk about in the coming weeks…

Can the Braves stay this hot and keep pace with the Phillies? Can the Hawks show a real effort two games in a row?(OK…a guy can dream) Can Julio Jones help bring home the Lombardi Trophy…or will we wonder what those draft picks might have brought? Is this the year that the Bulldogs return to form at Boise State’s expense? Will we ever be able to tell if Georgia Tech won or lost just by looking at Paul Johnson’s facial expression? Will Evander Holyfield still be fighting after his Medicare kicks-in?

Stay tuned….as these and other burning questions are answered! I will look forward to your comments and input…after all it’s a team effort and I’m with you win or draw.

Just kidding…now let’s get ready to rumble.

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