Robert Randolph

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Frontman Robert Randolph was trained as a pedal steel guitarist in the House of God Church and makes prominent use of the instrument in the band’s music. The instrument is referred to in many African-American Pentecostal churches as Sacred Steel. Randolph was discovered while playing at a sacred steel convention in Florida.

Randolph’s concerts are known for their lively stage performances, with Randolph content to let the rest of the band play on while he dances. Dance is an integral part of the concerts. During “Shake Your Hips”, women are encouraged to dance onstage. For the song “The March”, Randolph leaves his instrument to instruct the crowd on how to properly perform the intricate dance move. In the band’s earlier days, Randolph would temporarily stop the show if members of the audience were not dancing and appeared not to be enjoying themselves.

Robert played the MidSummer Music and Food Fest in Atlanta. Our very own Tom Dausner was there to capture these great pictures.