GILDED TRASH . . . a night of glam rock

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To all my little boys and girls out there who are looking a fix of glitter and rock, you are in luck!  Thank you to Atlanta’s own Amber Taylor for hooking this town up with a night of glam, known as “Gilded Trash” on Friday July 22nd at The Masquerade.  Amber Taylor is the dreamer and promoter of what is planned to be a monthly glam rocked themed party, she is also the singer of The Sexual Side Effects who headlined the night.  I over heard many a sparkly attendee, say ” Wow, Amber’s band is really good, they really rock.”  The Sexual Side Effects or SSE as the fans started chanting started their set off with T-Rex and ended with Bowie.  Both performances were met with wild dancing and overjoyed expression from the crowd.  SSE’s set was seasoned with the gender bending sensuality as performers shimmied and slithered  their shiny silver selves all over the stage.  Not to be outdone, The Chameleon Queen reigned as sexy royalty as she brought  a touch of sophistication with a classic fan dance.

NYC’s STARBOLT9 and  The Unsatisfied from Chattanooga were bringers of rock as well.  All bands were accompanied by twin golden go-go dancers. DJ Tiny Tears filled the gaps between bands with new and old glam rock and fiercer than life, Dax Exclamation Point MC’d.  Body painting, jewelry vendors and drink specials oh my were also a part of the festivities. The night had something for everyone.  A firm date has not been set for the next Gilded Trash event, it should be sometime in September.  Stay tuned and follow the trail of glitter…