Lights, Camera, Ice and Magic!

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The magic that only Disney and Feld Entertainment can bring arrived in style Thursday night at TD Garden!

You could feel the Disney magic in the air as small Disney princess were everywhere!  I think I even spotted a few tiny Buzz Lightyears! (thanks to all the moms and dads for letting the kids dress up)

As we entered the arena, the chill from ice was no stop to the electrifying excitement you could feel coming from all the little kids and big kids alike.

On the ice was a beautiful castle that only Disney magic could build. Once the show started, out came Mickey, Minnie and Goofy! All across the arena, you could hear the cheers and screams as the excitement built!

With every new character that came out, the magic was felt even more and we were witness to our favorite movies, live and in front of us!

The cast of this production is nothing short of amazing! The skating was flawless and the jumps and tricks amazed even the tiniest fans!

Hands down our favorite part was when the whole ice stage was transformed into my childhood favorite Disney ride, It’s a Small World! The magic on all the skaters dressed in costumes identical to those you see as you take that boat ride around the world.


This was pure entertainment, family fun and nothing short of magical!

We highly recommend you get out to see this show before it skates off forever.

Runs through Sunday the 30th!

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