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Tell us about the Video. From concept to finished.

We allowed our Great friend Cole Cassell to interpret our music thru his medium! We provided The music, the locations, the characters, the set design, and he gave us a video that far surpassed our thoughts or expectations! This is an awesome representation of who we are as artists & as a band.

How do you feel about the response you have received from your video?

We were surprised at the amount of feedback we received in just a few days!! We got 100 times more views than we had on all of our other videos combined! None of us can believe the response and we think it is a great complement.

“Dust and Aether” Tell me about the Album art?
We wanted to provide the MOST artistic content possible for our first release!! The more we give to people the better we can create the imagery that is the life this band lives! We want to give enough input to the listener so they can make a visual reference with the music! Although there is a story in the record, we want folks to define it for themselves!! We released a DVD with the first 500 copies of the record. It tells a story set to the music of our record that would make the Floyd proud.

What is coming up for The Law?

We are gearing up for a spring/summer tour with our buddy Levi Lowrey. And we’ve already started recording new material. I’m really excited about the next record because we are creating a much more defined sound that features a group of talented, crazy, psychotic artists!! The Law has a big umbrella that shelters only the most badass of pickers, singers & writers!!! Look OUT….

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Check out these pics of The Law by Dennis Tudor


615759_3312091014975_415749429_oPhotos ©2013 Dennis Tudor


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