You Can Go Home Again: Interview with Home by Dark’s James Casto

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Today, we bring you a delightful interview with James Casto, creator of songwriter concert series Home by Dark. A regular fixture at Chukkar Farms in Alpharetta, Home by Dark will embark on a new series at the Gwinnett Center for Performing Arts on June 13 to bring the best and brightest in engaging performers to music lovers in an intimate, homey setting. James communicates the Home by Dark experience so eloquently, and it’s a great comfort to know that the music world has such a series to further bridge the gap between performer and audience.

The upcoming show at Gwinnett Center features artists JP Williams and James David Carter, both of whom James sings the praises of as brilliant, captivating talents.

When: Saturday, June 13 at 8 p.m.

Where: Gwinnett Performing Arts Center

Tickets for Home By Dark range from $20-50 and are on sale now. Buy tickets at, The Arena box office or by calling (770) 626-2464.

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