The Wiggles have been around for nineteen years. Yes, these men that sing and dance and keep our kids entertained are all in their 40’s and 50’s. Knowing that, you would think that the show they just did in Atlanta at the Gwinnett Arena would have been fairly calm. They are getting older and they have been at it for so long….
But No! They came out with high energy from the start and that energy continued the entire show!!! The cast of characters all looked fantastic! Even Anthony who some how showed up with no hair!
The theme of this tour is “Wiggly Circus Live” and features all your and your children’s favorite Wiggles songs. It also will amaze you with the acrobats that perform, the dancers and all the props! The Wiggles are all in such great shape to be performing all the dances, climbing and flipping like they did! Ringo the Clown introduces the show and grabs everyone’s attention, one by one The Wiggles come out and the shows goes full speed ahead from that point.
It takes a special talent to entertain small children. The Wiggles had everyone clapping and dancing. What I loved about the show is that they truly engage the audience. They make every single one of those kids that came feel special and feel like they were so happy to see them in the audience.
Children brought roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur and bones for Wags the Dog and The Wiggles themselves came out in to the audience and picked them all up! All over that arena, walking and saying hello to all the children. That was quite amazing for me to see. Some boy also brought some shells for Henry the Octopus and they made a special pause in the show to get it from him. I know that made his day!
I have to say that the show was fantastic. The Wiggles really know how to have a good time and take the audience along with them. The best thing to see was children all across the arena with big smiles on their faces, their eyes were all lit up as they were in the midst of their music legends! I know as a parent, that is the true test as to if something was worth the money you spent. Hands down this show was worth it for everyone there. I highly recommend seeing The Wiggles as they make their tour of the U.S. and hope they come back to Atlanta soon!

Anyone that missed the Atlanta show can see them live in Nashville on August 24th. For more information click this link here: TOUR DATES AND TICKET INFO

Special thanks to Alicia McAllister at Rob Bailey Communications, Inc. for the wonderful hospitality shown myself and my family! Everything was perfect Alicia! Job Well Done!

I also want to thank the staff at Gwinnett Arena. The service was amazing, they were friendly to my children and the arena was exceptionally clean. I would recommend seeing any show at this venue! For a list of upcoming events at Gwinnett Arena, click here: Gwinnett Arena