Day 2 of Dragon*Con is winding down and what a crazy 2 days it has been!

Friday, my daughter and future Backstage Beat star Aleena Alex accompanied me around to secure interviews. We were greated warmly by Lou Ferrigno, The TAPS team and numerous other guests.  We lined up an interview with The Futurama cast for Monday and enjoyed the scenery. My favorite part of the day was eating a hotdog with Aleena when she looked up and as happy as could be proclaimed, “Hey, There’s Bacon!” and sure enough, there was a walking piece of Bacon! Awesome….

Day 2 started bright and early! We entered the Walk of Fame to set up more interviews.  We put calls into Erin Grey, Stan Lee’s manager and quite a few others.  So proud to say that we had three of our hottest photographers out, roaming Dragon*Con.  Leisa, April and Erin all shot The Annual Parade.  We got shots of the Superhero Contest and much much more.  We were able to film some Q and A’s with the True Blood Cast and Stan Lee himself! We got a quick mini interview with Larry Hagman and photo ops with Barbara Eden. Oh yes, the “I Dream of Jeannie” original cast is at Dragon*Con!

Day 3 starts early tomorrow with a 9 a.m. interview with the Warehouse 13 cast and some super secret things in the works. Keep looking for your all access pass to Dragon*Con, pictures and interviews… here on The Backstage Beat!