Zoo Atlanta invited Ange Alex and her family out to enjoy the day and review the zoo.  The Cat in the Hat was there to premier his new show on PBS “The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That!”

Right off the bat, I loved Zoo Atlanta. Everything is easy to find and the staff was quite helpful. A must see is the Giant Pandas. One was sleeping right by the window so we got an up close view! Amazing.

We loved the interactive displays all around the zoo for kids to learn and have fun!

When we first arrived there were two Zoo Atlanta workers at a table near the elephants showing some amazing things. You could touch an ivory tusk, an elephants tooth and more! They were showing us how you can use a Tagua nut to make jewelry and figurines that look just like animal ivory! They were very friendly and helpful.

Signs were clear all over the zoo showing where to go to see what animal.  Very friendly staff and the animals were easy to view. I really liked the photo op’s that were all over the zoo.

This zoo is a must do with kids! My kids all loved it and had a fantastic time. We had such a good time, we actually left the zoo at noon so I could interview the Futurama cast and then came back!  So much to see and do!

For more information, hours of operation and tickets, check out the website : ZOO ATLANTA

I would suggest getting a membership, it pays for itself after one visit as a family!

Thank you Zoo Atlanta for inviting us out! Special thanks to Keisha N. Hines for the hospitality! We family had a great time! We will be back!