Friday September 24th, The “Outlaws of Love” made their debut at Bogey’s in Duluth.

I was privileged to be there and see their first public performance.
First off, I had never been to Bogey’s in Duluth and wanted to say thanks to the management, Logan and Stanley.  You guys were fantastic and I look forward to seeing you all again.  By the way, if you happen to make it out to Bogey’s in Duluth, try their fried pickles!  They are delicious!!! Crisp, battered, and deep fried pickle spears.  Mmmm…..

The “Outlaws of Love” feature Rob Alex on bass and vocals, Eric Sands on guitar and backing vocals, and Jeremy Truitt rocking the drums.

Without hesitation, they ripped into “Message in a Bottle” from The Police’s second album, Reggatta de Blanc.  That set the pace for what was to follow: a blistering
set chock full of hits!

Message in a Bottle
Synchronicity 2
Next to You
De Do Do Do
Can’t Stand Losing You/Regatta de Blanc
Driven to Tears
So Lonely
Invisible Sun
Omega Man
Truth Hits Everybody
Walking on the Moon
Hole In My Life
Demolition Man

One highlight of the night was when Lee Banks joined the band onstage to lend a hand in backing vocals on “Hole in my Life”.  The great thing about the set was everyone was either singing aloud with the band or at the very least mouthing out the words.  There is something for everyone in the music of The Police.

The “Outlaws of Love” are a force to be reckoned with.  Eric Sands is one amazing guitar player!  He plays with soul and really represents Andy Summers’ guitar playing and tone to a “T”.  Jeremy was rock solid on the drums. He plays the intricate passages and rhythms of Stewart Copeland as if they were his own.  Rob’s vocals were fantastic considering he was fighting a sore throat!  It is no small task tackling the vocal/bass playing style of Sting.  From the lower vocal register of “Invisible Sun” to the shrieking falsetto of “So Lonely”, Rob delivered.

When they book their next show, you simply have to be there!  The “Outlaws of Love” are THE Tribute band to watch for.