Atlanta 2-Day Walk: Who Will You Walk For?

The fight against breast cancer starts with a single step. Whether you’re walking for a friend, a loved one or for someone you don’t even know, it’s a journey well worth taking.

In just its first seven years, Atlanta’s 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer has raised $6.6 million and has awarded 107 grants to local breast cancer organizations in the greater Atlanta area. Last year alone, we awarded a record $1 million to local breast cancer organizations that provide diagnosis, education, support and research on behalf of thousands of Atlanta-area women affected by the disease.

Our commitment to strengthening Atlanta’s breast cancer community is unmatched by any other event. The funds we raise help provide awareness, education, mammograms, genetic testing and research, transportation, translation, patient advocacy, and support services to thousands of women and their families right here in our own community. It’s The Journey and the Atlanta 2-Day Walk are beacons of hope, and we will continue to be a source of strength each and every day. All because you make it possible.

Every walker has a reason. Who’s yours?

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October 2 and 3, 2010

Goals Of The 2-Day Walk

• Build a strong relationship with the diverse Atlanta-based breast cancer organizations by supporting education, research, early detection, awareness and support services
• Instill a sense of adventure, pride and accomplishment in its participants and volunteers, while remaining focused on the issue of breast cancer

• Provide major funding for local breast cancer organizations