Where I’m coming from, and how it all began…

So I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for as long as I can remember. It has been a real struggle for me, as it has for so many of you out there.

This isn’t my 1st go at weight loss. I’ve gone up and down the scale enough times to make your head spin. At 18 years old, my age and (unfortunately) my size matched in number. I was 190 pounds and blessed to have a new spouse who didn’t care one bit about what the scale said or what size clothing(18) hung in the closet. I lost and gained the same 50-70 pounds several times BC and AC (before kids/after kids). I thought I could work it off and diet, and then be done.

It’s never over for me. I wish I’d known that sooner.

Starting IS the hardest part. There’s a science to effectively losing weight. Just two examples of “Things I wish someone had told me”. There are many of those on my list.

I’ve held on for longer than ever this time with keeping the weight off and staying on course. It’s been 1 year 8 months on this mission. Some fundamental shift in the way I perceive the issue has changed. Part of that has to do with my own adjusted expectations, and willingness to accept that some things may not turn out exactly as you wish, but being the best “you” is enough. Planning good habits one day at a time makes the task seem less daunting.

Count yourself lucky (and enviable, believe me) if food or body size/image isn’t an “issue” for you. Chances are, if you’re reading this it is a change you’d like to make in yourself, or maybe you just love me and think I’m funny. ;)

Perhaps you have other demons to battle, but who doesn’t have at least one?
The allure of anything at all to escape your own mind or reality can be a temptation. Food has been a big comfort for me, and it’s more acceptable than getting drunk, gambling, or any other debauchery one can dream up. Everyone has to eat to live. I just happened to live to eat.

I’m generally reluctant to get out of my comfort zone, In the past it was especially true when it came to the comfort of food. It asks nothing of you, that TV and junk food. There is no opportunity to fail there. Papa John’s is just a phone call away. It’s just too easy.

Having the right frame of mind is the most important part of successfully losing weight. A positive attitude is the key to success in most endeavors, and weight loss is no different. On the flip-side, the lack of self-confidence is a killer, a deal breaker. All or nothing thinking and negative self-dialogue is the fast track to nowhere. It’s easy to recognise in retrospect and from the outside. It’s an enormous stumbling block when one’s under that black cloud of self-doubt. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, the fear of failure. Feeling defeated from the start held me back for a long time. Mindset is everything, and we shall overcome! ;)

It’s a bit weird and intimidating to write on a public forum. My vulnerabilities are there for anyone to see and relate to. Writing for this site has become my own accountability of sorts. I’ve been determined not to backslide, and now the pressure is really on to stay fit. Checks and balances are never a bad idea.

The support of family and friends helps tremendously. My dearest was actually the one who got me started, coached me through it, and encouraged me most along the way. Knowing that someone believes in you, and has patience when your own falters makes a huge difference.

Having a plan, a written one, that is proven to work takes the mystery out of the equation. I’ve finally found a diet and exercise plan that works for me. I have my treats (pizza and chocolate) one day per week. An exercise plan that I have time for and actually *gasp* enjoy.

An exercise and diet plan I can live with. Bottom line.

I will give you the simple rundown of the plan, and explain details further. I’m here to answer questions and support you in this. It took me a long time to figure out what actually works to lose weight and keep it off.

I will help anyone that wants it. I can’t save you, but I’d love to throw you a lifeline. I look after my peeps, and I’d like to count YOU as one. It’d be a whole lot cooler if we did. ;)

Stay tuned for the next article to get the scoop on exactly how I lost the weight. It’s something anyone can do…Seriously!