Review by Leisa Foretich ( Contributor)

I’m excited to tell you about my experience with this first year haunt.  Folklore Haunted House is located in Dallas, just off of Hwy 120 and Merchants Drive (Business 6).  I rounded up a small group of friends to join me on my visit.  We were hoping this haunt would give us the satisfaction we were “dying for.”

The owners of Folklore are pros in the industry who collaboratively came together to create an experience you will crave and want to keep coming back for.  Dewayne, Stewart and Kevin formed Sleepy Hollow Productions, LLC.  and began construction on Folklore this past Spring.  It is an 18,000 sq. ft. stand alone building with potential to add on and become something to be reckoned with!   There was even talk of it being open year round, incorporating different themes for the seasons and for those who want to be surrounded by the insane and undead for your most special occasion.  You can have your WEDDING here!  This will be an attraction that will most definitely put Dallas, Ga. on the map!

Thank you to Wendy, Dewayne, Kevin and Stewart for meeting with me and letting my friends and I, be a part of your “NIGHTMARE COME TRUE!”

My visit:

There is a story and theme to Folklore, this year it’s, “THE TOOTH FAIRY.”  The tagline is… “This is no Fairy Tale!”  You can visit www.folklore haunted for the full version.

Upon arrival we were greeted by several “spooks” in the parking lot.  I like this.  It gives you the experience immediately, right out of the car!  Soon, the “Undertaker” beckons us over to the coffin.  It’s called, “The Last Ride”.  You enter the coffin and experience what it’s like to be buried alive.  Inside, you will truly and realistically experience what your last few moments of life might be like: sounds, smells, and all.  There is a video camera that allows everyone on the outside to watch you as you react to what’s happening.  It’s nothing like I thought it would be like.  I’m a skeptic… and I LOVED IT!  If you’re claustrophobic, well…. heed the warning.

Once inside Folklore, you’ll be amazed at the artistry. The eerily hand-painted murals on the wall and the giant painting of Lavina Nightshide, aka “The Tooth Fairy” will give you a feeling of being watched and the hairs on the back of your neck may even give you a little tickle. The black lights and the screams from behind the walls will leave you eager with curiosity while you wait at the interior entrance to the “Otherside.” But, soon, that door will open…

I unfortunately cannot give away any secrets to what terrorized us inside, but I will tell you, I was impressed. I was startled. I did scream. And I was even a little nervous entering one of the “areas.” I’ll call it, “BLACKOUT,” but it’s not what you’re thinking. Come see for yourself! It’s AMAZING! There are some special effects and details that I have never seen before in a haunted house. The actors (and yes, even though the make-up is so realistic you forget they are) are SCARETASTIC! The experience was screamingly satisfactory and it’s totally worth the $18 admission fee, $5 for The Last Ride. Folklore has some of the best haunted gear in the industry. I would love to go back with the lights on.

If you need a comparison, Folklore might be on a smaller scale, but could surely give Netherworld a run for its money.  Some of the high-tech movie special effects remind me of Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  I’m telling you people, they spared NO EXPENSE!!!!

I liked it so much, I did it again!