Thursday night we went to experience “Toy Story 3 on Ice”!

We have been excited about this for a few weeks now and finally it arrived yesterday!

With tiny Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie dolls in hand we made our way to Phillips Arena and took our seats.

The show opens with your favorite Disney characters skating out as happy screams filled the air! Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy all make a grand entrance!

Then the lights fade and you see Andy in his room getting ready for college. The show goes from there.

I have never been to a “Disney on Ice” show before and I have to say that I was so impressed.

You tend to forget that these characters are on ice skates! The things that they do are simple amazing!  True to Disney, the show is dramatic and fun! The green army men actually parachuted in! Buzz Lightyear came in from the sky with lights and all! Talk about grand entrances!

They also incorporated a little dancing in the show by getting everyone to do the ” Hoedown Throwdown“, by Miley Cyrus. The show was filled with music, dancing and some amazing tricks that only some world class figure skaters could do!

My kids were literally on the edge of their seats, watching and waiting for what would happen next!

I wish I could tell you more about the show, but you have to see it! Take your kids, your nieces and nephews and share in the wonder of Disney with them.

The show is running through Sunday October 17th and tickets start at just $14!!!

Have your camera ready and let us know what you thought of the show! Send in some shots of your little one’s face as Buzz appears!