Blowing Screams Farm = 3D Forest of Fear, GhostRide, and The Enchanted Maize – by:  Leisa Foretich

On this All Hallows Eve I decided to make the nearly two-hour drive to Flintstone, Ga., which is only a bone’s throw from Lookout Mountain, TN.

During the month of October at the foothills of the Tennessee Mountains just along the state line, Blowing Springs Farm turns into a ghostly Civil War nightmare. Thus changing the name from Springs to “Screams.”  The property most definitely gives you the feeling of stepping back in time.  It’s almost hauntingly majestic in a rustic sort of way.  I liked it.  While on-site, you can dine on themed food such as “gator bites,” get your face painted, or hang out by the bonfire and enjoy some music provided by a local band.  The featured attractions are the Forest of Fear, GhostRide and The Enchanted Maize.

Reportedly, the Forest of Fear is the world’s only outdoor 3-D haunt (And yes, you are given 3-D glasses), which has also been noted for paranormal activity.  You are self-guided on a frightful journey through the cursed woods and swamplands to the 165 year old house that was used during the civil war as a hospital.  The undead lurk in the shadows, so be sure to stay close to your crew.  NOTE: There is a lot of uneven terrain, so make sure you wear tennis shoes.

GhostRide is a storytelling nighttime hayride which envelopes YOU into its own ghost story.

“The battle has raged for 150 years and you are caught in the crossfire. Take a hay ride like no other back in time to witness ghostly combat first-hand.  The cannons roar and the muskets crack as you make your way through the trenches.  You are there as General Maeham and his GhostRiders rise from the dead to fight once more….

Locals claim that these ghostly sounds have been getting louder and more intense as the years go by.  Denial of a proper burial, they say has caused the GhostRiders to rise from their uneasy rest.”

Rock City’s Enchanted Maize is one that you can roam through by day or by night.  If you choose to go at night, you are forewarned that the cornfield is cursed.  It’s only up to you to be able to find or fight your way out, with or without a flashlight.

This was a fun outing. I recommend that if you go, take a group of friends. The more, the scarier! It’s also a great family place during the day, with inflatables, funnel cakes and pumpkin painting!

Scare Factor Rating = C (with MUCH potential).

Fun Factor Scale = A