When I lie awake in the moonlight, my mind sometimes wanders to the things that go bump in the night.  At times my thoughts become morbid and I find myself thinking about the psychopaths in the world.  Questions such as:  What happens if someone gets you?  What is the worst they could do to me?  Would I be able to escape and what happens if I cannot?  Well, ladies and gentleman, “Chambers of Horror” located at The Masquerade gets into your brain and answers all of these questions with a sickness that is uniquely their own.

As the attraction begins, I am placed in a room with a scared, beaten, bloody woman tied to a chair. There is snot dripping from her nose and she shakes as she asks me to help her.  My anxiety level is heightened as I imagine being in her “chair,” and not being able to escape.  Just as I want to help her, a freaky gentleman enters the room and terrorizes my soul.  Wow! If you want to see an original  adult-only attraction, I recommend this place. I feel as though I was placed into a horror movie and each chamber of the haunt made me want to run for my life.  This is not for the faint of heart.  I do not want to give all of their secrets away, but you will be offended.  You will come out feeling violated.  But, you will come out knowing you were a part of something original and will talk about it for the rest of the night!  I will see you all next year as I am adding this haunt to my yearly rounds of places to visit during Halloween in Atlanta.  Nice job scaring the crap out of me!


  • SUN – THURS 8pm-12am
  • FRI – SAT 8pm-1am
  • HALLOWEEN 8pm-3am


  • Tickets are available at the door, or you can order them online immediately at Ticketmaster.com

  • $15.00 General Admission (Credit cards are not accepted at door)

  • $25.00 Speed Pass – rush to the front of the line when the wait is long! (Limited availability, recommended for weekend visits and visits toward the end of the month.)

  • $45.00 VIP Pass – Speed Pass, plus VIP-only limited edition Chambers of Horror gift and coupon for free drink at the Splatter Bar (Very limited availability).

  • Discounted tickets are available as an add-on with shows at the Masquerade. Please check Ticketmaster.com for availability.