Connor Christian &  Southern Gothic are in the studio recording an all new album, with a total of 18 songs.

They invited The Backstage Beat out to see them in action, talk with them, and see this amazing studio.

Sonica studios is located on Bishop Street in Atlanta.  Using a hybrid approach to recording: They combine the best of modern digital, with the best of classic vintage analog.  All set up in excellent acoustical spaces with remarkable sound isolation between all rooms.  Plus dozens of actual musical instruments in house, to get the most original sounds possible.

Contact Sonica’s Owner, John Briglevich for studio availability and rates, or to set up a facility tour.

This album is set to be the best yet as the band as finally found their niche together as a group and musically.  We sat in on a few songs and I have to say, I’ve been singing one for four days now!  We here at The Backstage Beat are excited to see this album released first part in February!

Find exclusive pictures here and look for Part 2 with the video interview of Connor Christian & Southern Gothic.

Thanks to Connor, Shawn, Jeff, Elena and Joe! Also, thank you to Ken Green and John Briglevich.

Photos by: April Bumpus