A friend told me of a band I had to go and see Friday night at The Masquerade. I hit my car and drive straight to the venue. Walking in I see several people around and feel the buzz of excitement coming from the crowd. I find a spot and wait for Mayer Hawthorne & the County to come onto the stage.

The band appears and I spy a slender, cute guy with glasses who looks like he morphed straight from the seventies to perform for us tonight. Out of his mouth comes the soulful sound of yesteryear and his music reminds me of  a mix of old time pop, R & B, jazz, and has a sound that astounds me. Mayer bursts out with Maybe So, Maybe No and cheers abound from the audience and I do not see a single person sitting still . Everyone is singing along and dancing.  I hear Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out and feel instant connection to the words coming from the stage.  Not all relationships click and when you have to let go use Mayer words and say, “I’m sorry baby it just ain’t gonna work out.” Green Eyed Love plays and I am smitten.

What an awesome performance! This band is fun, original, and well worth the drive! How I have never heard of them before beats me, but I will be forever grateful for the tip. This is definitely one of my new favorite artists. Mayer Hawthorne I want to say thank-you for coming to Atlanta. I am so happy I took the advice to come see you play. PLEASE come back! I would go and see you again tonight, tomorrow, and the next day.  I am in love.