Do you remember being in the sixth grade?  Remember how uncool adults and authority figures became in your life?  I think of all this as I drive to The Netherworld Haunted House off of Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross, GA.  Sitting in my passenger seat is my nephew John, who happens to be in the sixth grade.  He fires questions at me, such as: “Is this like the school’s haunted house?  How big is it?  Is it going to really scare me?  Are we there yet?”  I look at my little buddy and tell him, “Just wait.”  I know he has no clue of what he is about to happen to him; I do.  Netherworld is the #1 haunted house in the United States.  This place has scared the crap out of me and Atlanta for fourteen years.

Upon approaching the doors, John spies his first costumed character.  His eyes light up and a smile creeps across his face.  I am so happy to share his first official haunted house experience with him.  There are two attractions here and we do not hesitate to get tickets to both.   At the entrance a lady kindly asks us to pose for a photo and she hands me a ticket for a free photo online.  FREE!  This is great, other places charge.  I feel my anxiety level increase and my heartbeat starts to pound when my feet cross the threshold between reality and darkness.  I look at John, and say “Are you ready.”  His face is a little pale and I can tell he is nervous, just like me.  I grab his hand and we begin.

I am not one to give away secrets as I would not want to ruin this experience for anyone.  Netherworld, I am floored by the spectacular array of animatronics, characters, obstacles, and pure fear I experienced at your haunted houses.  I felt like an actress in a million dollar horror movie whose goal was to get out of the place alive.  John and I must of screamed a million times as unexpected things popped out in the dark.  If you dare, I recommend Netherworld to everyone.  Halloween is today.  How will you spend it?  What!  You have parties all weekend and cannot make it?  Don’t you fret my pets! Netherworld is open the weekend of Nov 5 – Nov 7 for all of you who want one more chance to live Halloween before next year.  Want to know what John said as soon as we were through?  “Can we go again?”  Oh, welcome to the world of haunts and frights kiddo!  You are now coming with me every year!

On the drive home, John and I talk and talk.  He is nothing but smiles and told me how scared I was in Netherworld.  His hand is a little red, as I think I almost crushed it due to fright. Soon his voice gets quiet.  I look over at him to make sure nothing is wrong.  He is out cold.  Netherworld, I thank you. You made me look “cool” in the eyes of my nephew and allowed us to spend awesome time together.  People, bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your “others”, but prepare to be scared!