Terry Flynn CD Release Party

By Tim Brockmire

It’s Friday night, October 22nd, in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta , GA.   Walking across the lot you could hear the wonderful sounds and see the people spilling out into the cool night air of the parking lot outside the door of The Five Spot.  The Terry Flynn Band had hit the stage and there just wasn’t enough room inside to hold everyone in attendance for the release of Well Worn Road , their new CD.  Inside was more of the same but louder reflecting the scene outside as it was standing room only and not a single foot in the house was still thanks to the great sounds coming from Terry and his band mates.

The band played two sets of songwriter/storyteller styled music, with roots in country and rock, highlighting songs from their previous album as well as their new release.  The sound was crisp and lively, inspiring an en masse assault on the dance floor during many of the night’s tunes.  Terry, in his usual unassuming modest manner, ventured into the audience between sets, as well as after the show, to greet his many friends and admirers that came to pay tribute to one of the Atlanta’s true greats. A good time was definitely had by everyone.