Hometown heroes, The Extraordinary Contraptions, describe themselves as time travelers that have united to play Steampunk.  Steampunk combines science fiction, time travel and alternate history while adding romanticized views on technology.  Besides the music, Steampunk bands will stick to period fashion, like clothes worn in the 1800’s.  Think “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” or “Sherlock Holmes”.

Photos : Tom Dausner

Along with their music, The Extraordinary Contraptions bring a full set of characters when they hit the stage.  Dimitri von Stadberg was the man playing bass and sharing leading vocals duties along with Aelus Kristof von Stadberg on guitar.  Complimenting the von Stadbergs was Sephora Bostwick on vocals, keyboard and squeezebox and Corbin Able Welch laying down ‘time’ on the drums.  They were just as entertaining to watch as they were to listen to.

Fresh off of their recent performance at Dragon*Con, Atlanta’s own popular culture convention, The Extraordinary Contraptions are looking forward to performing at next year’s premier Steampunk convention, AnachroCon, here in Atlanta.