Ok, enough about food for now…See I told you I think about it a lot! ;)

5. “I don’t know what exercises and diet plan to follow.”

There are a million plans out there. Find one that is sustainable for you in the long term. This is a marathon, not a sprint. If a plan claims it’s easy and fast to lose weight, and it sounds too good to be true,…it probably is (a load of bull, that is). Body For Life gave me the outline for the lifestyle change I needed. I’m still workin’ it 21 months later, and it’s a part of my life that I enjoy.

6. “I don’t get the results I want, so why bother?” –

Patience, grasshopper. ;) We live in a society accustomed to instant gratification and convenience. We want it now, and we want it to be easy. It’s really hard to keep up a difficult effort with little visible reward. It may be slow going, but I promise you, stick with eating healthy (no crash diets or gimmicks allowed) and exercising (cardio and resistance training), and the weight will steadily come off.

The best indicator of progress is not the scale, but the tape measure and the way your clothes fit. Take measurements when you start, and before pictures. It may be hard to look at when you’re starting out, but looking back at these as you progress will remind you how far you’ve come, and that’s very motivating.

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