We Have Fun Maggie” is an Atlanta based band that plays what they would describe as ‘Whiskey Hardcore Soft Metal’.  The band will be performing Wednesday November 3rd at The Masquerade in heaven opening for Powerman 5000.

“We Have Fun Maggie” is scheduled to hit the stage at 7:30.  The band, which is comprised of Whitney Huffman – vocals,  Nate Sanders – drums,  Brandon Parker – guitar,  J.B. Barge – bass and  Nick Esterl – guitar, formed earlier this year.  They have been busy rehearsing and writing new songs.  This is the second time “We Have Fun Maggie” have played The Masquerade this year.  They rocked the house their first show there.  They even did an encore, which is almost unheard of for an opening act!  Tickets are $14.00 and can be purchased by calling 404-444-7192.