Buck O’ Five and Mayfield & McCoys!!!

Thursday Night, 11/4 at The Clermont Lounge starting at 9 p.m.!!!

Mayfield and McCoys – Spawned in a suburban (and infamous) Marietta, Georgia basement studio in the early 2009, Mayfield put the band together with a lineup of seasoned talent and began writing and recording.  In addition to the band, Joey Huffman (Matchbox 20, Hank Williams Jr. ) and Rick Richards (The Georgia Satellites, Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds) co-wrote and recorded  tracks on the album.

While we continue to write, we are now performing our first album with , Josh Mayfield (Lead Vocals), Kerry Denton (Drums) , Mark Hogan (Bass) , Rob Landman (Keys,vocals), Matthew Smith (Guitar,vocals) and Tim O’Donovan (Guitar,vocals).

Mayfield and McCoys perform “Wish I’d Told Her To Stay”


Get more here: www.mayfieldmccoys.com

Buck O’ Five –  You gotta check these guys out! We have heard nothing but great things about them and can’t wait to see them in action!

The people have spoken and the comments are normally, “These guys are the Gram Parsons of today” or “They are a cross between David Allan Coe and Johnny Cash”. You decide for yourself and let em know.

Philip Buchanan, Steve Hensley, Todd Johnston, Fred Mcneel, Jack Browning, sometimes John Daly, Joe Aukofer, Dale Ritchey,Will Underwood


Get more here: Buck O’ Five @Reverbnation