I was introduced to 311 by my brother in 1995.  My sister and brother were privileged enough to see 311 at a small venue in Macon, GA and even got to hang out with the group.   I still hear the stories and I am still envious to this day!  So when 311 announced their Halloween show at the Fox during their Summer tour in Atlanta, my Halloween plans were made instantly. Here’s how it all went down:

I am in a hurry as the show starts in less than an hour.  Per band request, I am in full costume as The Queen of Hearts.  I feel my heart racing and mind spinning as 311 has rocked my ears since High School.  I cannot be late.  I rush to The Fox.  Walking in I see so many people dressed up and looking great; the venue is completely sold out.  I go to Will Call and they hand me my photo pass and I walk through the doors.   I am escorted to the stage and I see my boys, 311, all in costume. Nick, SA, P-Nut, Tim, and Chad have the crowd going wild.  As the band plays on I feel the ground below me moving, literally moving, as everyone in attendance is jumping up and down.  I look up to the balcony and see the huge crowd dancing.  I feel this incredible energy within my soul and I am so thankful to be apart of the spectacular night.  311 plays from 8:00 PM until a little before 11:00.

They absolutely blow my mind with their stage performance.  I hear songs My Stoney Baby, Feel So Good, and oh my goodness F$ck The Bull$**t has the place hopping.  In total there are two sets in which they play the entire album “Music!”   At the intermission, I walk around and take pictures of the 311 fans.  Everyone is smiling and happy.  How could you not be?  I talk to a lot of people who say they have waited all year for this show.  I head to the balcony and stand waiting for 311 to come back to the stage.  Chad pounds the drums with an awesome drum solo.   P-nut brings the boom with his bass solo.  The guys all get together in their famous drum circle and the fans yell in delight.  Jackpot comes on and I freak out!  311, I thank-you for allowing me to celebrate with you on Halloween.  Nick closes the show with, “Be positive.”  That is what I feel you have done for my life, you have given me music that is uplifting with a sound that can only be described as simply, 311.  P-nut lingers on the stage as the others leave and has the crowd chanting 3-11-3-3-11.  He bows in humble awe.  P-nut, The Queen of Hearts bows to you and I cannot wait to see 311 again!