Anthony Bourdain came to Atlanta and filled the Cobb Energy Centre to near capacity.

The thing I like about Anthony, is he makes no apologies for his opinions. He has many opinions and will share them with you freely.

He talked openly about the shows on television right now that deal with food.  He mentioned which ones he loved and which ones he hated…. Among the ones on his naughty list, was hometown favorite, Alton Brown!  His criticism of  Alton was met with a unanimous BOO!  Alton Brown is an Georgia boy, and is on the popular show on Food Network, Good Eats.  No one messes with our Georgia people! Ha!

After recovering so gracefully from the Alton Brown taboo slam, he goes into a discussion on how to be tourist.  Including what I found to be so hilarious when he said, “If you are in Japan and you are taking a picture of you and your friends outside the Starbucks, You Suck!”   He wanted to make the point to get out there and see the country, experience the native food and places, don’t go where the tourist go!

After talking about some of the foods he has tried in 10 years of traveling, he talked about the reason to eat the native food and to avoid The Holiday Inn buffet!

It was an enjoyable evening, the crowd was always entertained and the whole show made me like Anthony Bourdain even more!

If you can check out this tour, I highly recommend it!

More information on Anthony Bourdain,No Reservations and his books, check out his site: HERE