Did not get to the concert on time.

Rehab and Corey Smith

Felt like I was choking dust

The box office handed me my tickets

Said, nope you no longer get a photo pass

I was ready to blow my lid

But I did what any late arrival would

Just shrugged and hung my chin real low

And in my disappointment

I did what I really did not want

Took my camera with me and took it back to the stinking trunk.


No pictures of the rocking show on the stage

I felt my heart fill with vinegar, spite,  and rage

Then by some miracle to my left appeared the drummer for Rehab

And I walked over to him real nice

Told him my sad story,  he looked at me and shook his head twice

He grabbed Derek, said walk her to her car

Let get her camera bag

The Tabernacle let me thru

Let me take pictures of all of you.

I was able to catch some of “Moe”.

And hang out with the fellas after the show.

So now I am here writing to you, after having SO MUCH FUN!

-Poem by April Bumpus set to the infamous Rehab song, “Bartender”.

Yes this did happen.  I am glad it did. I was able to meet all the guys from the Rehab  and hang out with them after the show.  I was there when Rehab went on stage with Corey Smith and sang Drinking Time.  I was allowed to have my camera!  I really enjoyed meeting everyone: Foz, Chris, Mike, Hano, Danny, and Demun. Lola was even backstage and is such a sweetie.  I sat with good people and watched Corey Smith perform.  He had me and the crowd kicking up our heels!  Really after thinking I was about to have a missed opportunity of a  night I say thanks guys!  Both bands performed amazingly!  You never know where you will end up.  In a span of twenty minutes I went from thinking I was going to have a “crappy”night (not to mention what the heck was I going to tell my boss) and you all turned it into a pleasurable evening filled with great music and new friends.  I see Rehab will be in Clarksville, TN in December.  Well, I have family in that part of the country, and I will be telling them I am coming up!  See you soon!  Check out Corey Smith and Rehab’s tour dates here:  REHAB TOUR