Here at The Backstage Beat,  when we recognize talent we love to share it.  Atlanta based photographer Susie Ceruto of Sassy Photography has an eye for capturing the moment.  You can find her photography behind all coverage for SHOCK & AWE productions and can also be seen in SIR Magazine, The Atlanta Music Guide and the Rock Fist Review.  Here is some of her work covering a recent concert of the rock band Fuel at 37 Main, just north of Atlanta.  Enjoy!  Below the gallery is some info on the band reprinted from an earlier press release.

Reprint from Press Release: April/2010

Fuel, fronted by original lead vocalist Brett Scallions will re-ignite this Spring with tour dates that will include a support slot at Hershey Stadium with Bon Jovi. The original line-up of Fuel has not been together since 1997, when original drummer Jody Abbott left the band. Throughout 1998 – 2007 there were several lineup changes, touring and recording as Fuel. In 2010 with many of the principathel members engaged in other aspects of the entertainment industry, raising families, and just living the American dream, Brett Scallions, the original lead vocalist is proud to fly the Fuel flag to a generation of new and old fans.

“There is only one original of anything” exclaims Scallions, “and that includes Fuel. The original lineup with Carl, Jeff, Jody and myself will always be something special to all of us, and our first Fuelies (a term for Fuel fans) but it has been thirteen years since the original lineup was intact, and since then many great musicians have come and gone. The lineup I put together for Fuel is not meant to replace or diminish what any of the original members created. Just the opposite, it is to give our fans a live destination, and to keep the Fuel name alive for a new generation to discover. Maybe someday we’ll all get on the same page and play together again, but life happens and the next thing you know you just can’t jump on a bus and take off for a month, let alone a year.”

Original bassist Jeff Abercrombie is currently the owner/operator of Thud Studios, a well reputed destination for rehearsing and recording in the greater Los Angeles area Original lead guitarist, and principal song writer Carl Bell is producing new music for a diversified group of artists. Bell has also been busy writing for film and television. When reached for comment Bell stated, ” Look, Brett sang all of this stuff on the bands biggest records, so it’s pretty clear that the fans want to hear him singing Fuel songs, and that is what they are going to get. Our fans are important and they deserve a Fuel, even if it isn’t an original lineup. Who knows maybe someday there will be an all original reunion. I have learned to never say never.”

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