In one of our favorite venues, The Peachtree Tavern, Jupiter Coyote will be taking the stage and showing off old and new tunes alike.

Opening for them is Atlanta’s own Sun Domingo.

In the course of their 20 year history, Jupiter Coyote has played over four thousand shows, traveled everywhere and done just about everything a touring band can do.  The innovative group has independently sold nearly half a million CDs and tens of thousands of downloads.  Throw in several hundred thousand bootlegs and you start to get the picture. Jupiter Coyote is a name brand that shows no signs of fading, despite today’s ever-changing, increasingly unpredictable music scene.

JC plays it the way they feel it — with little regard as to where they fall between the cracks of what is considered trendy and fashionable.  A band prolific in its writing, skilled in its musicianship and congenial in its nature, they remain the prototype of the truly independent band.

Coyote has shared the stage with The Allman Brothers Band, Dave Matthews, Widespread Panic, String Cheese, The Radiators and Kansas to name a few.  They have played large festivals from coast to coast, including: High Sierra Music Fest in California, Charlotte’s Center City Fest, Atlanta’s Mid-Town, Birmingham’s City Stages, Asheville’s Bele Chere and The Magnolia Fest in Live Oak, Fla.

Ange Alex talked to Matthew Mayes and learned about their start in music and much more.

M.M. ” We got our start playing in North Carolina, then moved out to Macon.  I never actually lived in Athens, but everyone likes to think we are from Athens, GA”

A.A. “I read that you were in fact from Athens, How funny… can’ t believe everything you read online….  when was it that you really began to feel like you were on your way in the music business?”

M.M. ” I would say it really took off in 1995 after our release of our third album ‘Lucky Day’.  We we’re selling our own CD’s, had our own label and things were really picking up for us.”

A.A. ” I have read that you describe yourselves as ‘Mountain Rock”, is that what you would tell me?”

M.M. “Well, that is actually a funny story. We were playing a show in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at a place called the Mangy Moose. When we got there I saw a flyer type thing on the table and it said ‘Mountain Rock Legends, Jupiter Coyote’ and I laughed cause I thought legends had to be dead. So, they actually coined that phrase for us.”

A.A. “What do you want people to know about this show coming up on Friday the 19th?”

M.M. “Well, we are blazing our own trail as we have for 20 years…. If you want to see some real country jamming, come see us and watch one of our twenty minute jams! We have Sun Domingo opening for us and they are awesome. Kyle Corbett is like a guitarist from another planet, like a freak show.  It’s amazing to see him play!  They are like Jeff Buckley meets Rush – its truly remarkable.  They take the stage about 10 p.m and then we’ll hit it about 11 p.m.”

A little fact that I was not aware of, Jupiter Coyote was told once by a big record label in Nashville that they were ahead of their time and they were not cliche enough for them.  If they wanted to change and wear the cowboy hats and sing the songs that they didn’t write, they had a place and a major label.  They passed, saying “We are a rock band at the heart of it, yes we have good old southern derivatives but we are a rock band, we blaze our own trail.”

And that they did, selling CDs off their own record label and touring more than 300 days a year, Jupiter Coyote made their way. They have slowed their schedules down a lot choosing to focus on their families and children, while they are young.

I am looking forward to seeing Matt play along with the rest of his band and to see Sun Domingo, Friday night at the Peachtree Tavern!