On Thursday, 11/11/10,  I attended Little City Kings’ show at The Peachtree Tavern in Buckhead.  I have heard The Daniels Bros. Band play before and I really liked their talent.  This time the brothers are playing with a different band.

I enter the venue and check my name off of the guest list.  Tonight, The Peachtree Tavern has free drinks until 11:00 PM!  I look around and see a lot of people young and old here to enjoy live music and good friends.  The band tonight is Little City Kings consisting of: Logan Daniels on lead vocals, Matt Daniels on the lead guitar, Alex Reffet on guitar, Will Atkins playing bass, and Jordan Stone pounding the drums.  I sit back and wait for the show to begin.  All night the guys play and they bring to the stage a taste of many musical genres.  I hear songs from Rehab, Rage Against the Machine, Warren G, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Please forgive me as I cannot remember all the music, but these boys truly put on a performance.  The crowd cheers and people dance and sing along  until the wee hours of the morning to the tunes emanating from the group.  I look down and see my watch is reading close to 2 AM and realize I was entertained to the point of forgetting time.  When The Peachtree Tavern welcomes either The Daniels Bros. Band or Little City Kings back to play, I will definitely be there to enjoy another taste of their melody.  Thursday nights just got sweeter!  You can view The Peachtree Tavern’s schedule of events HERE.  Tell them The Backstage Beat sent you and we will see you there!