WonderRoot has partnered with Plaza Theatre to present it’s 3rd Local Filmmakers Night. All proceeds from the door will go directly into a fund to help and encourage participants to submit their films to local and national film festivals. Our purpose is to not only provide a space (Plaza Theatre!) for filmmakers to screen their work, but also to help cultivate a thriving independent film-making scene in Atlanta.

The following films will be screened:
‘Blood Raven Trailer’ -Rose M Barron
‘Baroque Kids’ -Jamie Hawkins-Gaar & Juliam Modugno
‘The Back Pockets: Leave Me Alone’ -Andy DeLoach
‘Togetherness’ -Oliver Smith
‘Chicken Hormonio’ -Edgar Lituma
‘A lady can live through anything’- Justin Miller
‘The Epic Text’ -Kristan Woolford
‘Kiwis: A song for nice people named Katie’ -Adam Bruneau
‘Midtown Flat’ -Chuck Moore
‘Castor & Pollux’ -Cameron Stuart
‘Carnivores: Georgia Power Company’ -Brian Danin
‘Femme De Gateau’ -Matt Rasnick
‘Godamsterdam: The Dinner Party’ -Ben Cohen

Come see amazing short films, animations, music videos, and other video art by your local filmmakers!!!

Live Video Music Intro starting at 9:15
Screening Begins at 9:30
$6 Admission price
…Q&A following screening
FREE After party at The Highland Ballroom

Come support local art at its best, make sure to say hello to The Backstage Beat when you’re there!