I arrive at The Masquerade.  I am here to see Rusted Root perform.  I head upstairs and eagerly await the group.  To my pleasant surprise, the opening act, Adam Ezra Group, rocks the stage.  Two of the guys have bare feet and all of the band is dancing with the gusto of people who truly enjoy what they are doing in life.  As they approach the last tune, I find myself wishing they could stay on longer.  The Adam Ezra Group ends with Western Man and as I look around at the crowd, I see smiles and eyes wide as if everyone is thinking, “Sweet, I need to buy this CD.”  Adam announces that this is their first time in Atlanta. Welcome boys! I know Adam Ezra Group will back around soon!

As the set is cleared and made ready for the headliner,  I walk behind the stage and I am greeted by Michael Glabicki and the rest of Rusted Root.  They are all so nice and pose for pictures with me.  I hear Michael sound check his voice.  Wow, he hits a pitch I did not think was humanly possible.  Liz seems to think so too as her ears are plugged.  I walk back out because they are hitting the stage and “sally” right up to the front.  As always, Rusted Root has several instruments onstage , and they use every last one!  As they begin to play, I immediately start to groove along with them and the music.  Rusted Root entertains the crowd with songs from all of their albums.  I hear Driving To You, which is off of  their latest album Stereo Rodeo.  I have never had the privilege of seeing this performed live and I am still singing the song!  Send Me On My Way is an all time favorite of  “Rootheads” and is instantly recognizable to millions of people throughout the world.   I take a step back and my ears are musically delighted.  I look to my left and to my right and feel the power of dance emanating from the crowd.   Rusted Root exits stage right as cheers and applause fill The Masquerade.  I hear “Rusted Root” being chanted and I whistle and pound the bar until they come back on for an encore.  I begin to scream,”Ecstasy, Ecstasy!”  This is my all time favorite song on any of Rusted Root’s albums and I notice the guy to my right screaming it out too!  When I hear the chords begin to play I freak out.  Michael joins Preach on the drums and an extended opening to the tune begins. THANK-YOU for playing it guys!  I do not want to see Rusted Root leave but I know they have appreciated their fan base when the group bows, as a whole, three times. I will forever carry this performance in my mind and remember it always.

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