Thursday November 4th, The Variety Playhouse. Mike Birbiglia performs to a near capacity venue.

Opening for him, was a comedian named Henry Phillips. I had never seen him before and I was pleasantly surprised! He told a few stories and played us a few songs, all of which were hysterical! You can gather how funny it is by reading this quote from him, ““What I take from life, I give back through my music. And so far I’ve taken nothing but crap.” Ha!  I highly suggest checking him out. He has CDs for purchase and is on tour. Get more info HERE.

Mike then takes the stage with his amazing story telling style of comedy. He talks about his girlfriend, the difference between guys and girls, arguments,  the 7th grade “make out” club and my favorite, The story of “The Scrambler” at the carnival.

What I enjoy about Mike’s comedic style is the fact that he always brings back previous jokes, it all makes sense in the end. This time  I left with a little wisdom as well when he closed the show by saying ” Its not about being right all the time…..”

His tour continues through this month. To get more info and to purchase his latest book, visit his site HERE.