I took my friends, Stacy and Kelly to The Basement Theatre for Stacy’s surprise birthday outing this past Friday night! The Basement Theatre is an IMPROV COMEDY CLUB, located in the basement (literally) of 175 W. Wieuca, off Roswell Rd. in Buckhead. It had been a while since I had seen live improvisational comedy and I was excited to revisit this entertaining art form with a couple of “fun friends.”

Improvisational comedy theatre is a form of theatre in which the actors use improvisational acting to spontaneously perform. They create “in the moment,” without a script or any prepared dialogue. The audience suggests the topics and is integrated into part of the show. It can be a lot of fun, depending on crowd participation. The more participation, the more fun!

Upon arrival we were greeted by Axel. He is the “founding member” of The Basement Theatre. He is a man(ikin) of few words, but you could tell right away, it was going to be an interesting evening.

Inside, we met Danni Clabough, the club photographer. She also works in the reception area. Behind her was a cute little retro fridge from which she offered us beverages (it’s a CASH-ONLY venue with a limited selection of drinks). They offer popcorn and candy, too! There were colored lights strewn about and it really gave you a charming, homey feeling.

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The “theatre” is small, maybe seating 50, at the most. This made it intimately interesting. JStar, Jamie Ward and Craig Zeiss were our entertainers for the evening. Julie Jumper, the musical accompanist. We received a boisterous, yet warm welcome as they announced our arrival while we made our way past the stage to our seats. Yeah, there’s NO sneaking in there! The show started immediately.

The delightful comedic trio included us in a fast paced, entertaining one and a half hour show! Stacy, the birthday girl even got pulled up on stage for a scene! The comedy is quick, clean and funny! 8pm Friday night shows are for ALL AGES. I don’t believe there were any minors that night, so the show carried on as such. From movies to moods, shouts were coming from all members of the audience. I nicknamed my friend, Kelly “Friday the 13th” because that was one of the suggestions she offered. And they used it! Hilarious! The show was witty and funny and just about the right length of time for most people. Each show is different. The format and topics are ever changing, keeping this something you can do over and over again. It’s never the same!

At the end of the night, we said, “Goodbye” with big smiles on our faces and anticipating the next visit! I’M GETTING A T-SHIRT NEXT TIME!

The admission is ONLY $10 (sometimes less) and $5 for students. You can purchase your tickets online with NO service charge OR buy them at the door, CASH ONLY (Seating is limited. Check the website for SOLD OUT shows).

The Basement Theatre also offers improv comedy classes and workshops!

You can take your date or a group of friends, either way it’s good cheap fun, for sure! Check out THE BASEMENT WEBSITE for more info and be sure to find them on Facebook, too! Tell them Leisa from The Backstage Beat sent ya!