These guys we’re without a doubt one of my favorite shows I have seen all year!  I was privileged enough to listen to a few of their songs before going to see them Saturday night at Vinyl.  I knew that I was in for a good time.

When we got to the venue, we met the guys from the band in the Green Room.  Brandon Purinton (drums) told me how they found the singer Marc Phillips . . .  on Craigslist!!!  Yes, Craigslist!  Marc’s girlfriend posted an add and the rest is history.  I guess the Craigslist gods smiled that day because this was definitely fate to have all four of these amazing musicians in one band.  Steve Morrison (Bass/Vocals) and Jon Brown (Guitar/Vocals) round out the band.  Each one of these guys deliver a great show.

I measure the success of a bands performance by how much of a “show” they give.  I think like most people, I want to be entertained.  It’s not just about the music, it’s about feeling the music and energy.  Wanting to move around with the band cause they are on stage feeling it.  This was by far on of the best shows I have seen and I can not wait to see these guys again!

Check ’em out on facebook and find more info about them – and be at their next show, December 1st with the Dead Rabbits at 529.

Special thanks to Tom Dausner for being TBB’s photographer!

Additional photos by TBB’s own April Bumpus!