In the spirit of the recent  Halloween festivities, “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble”!  I wanted to talk not specifically about the witchy woman Christine O’Donnell that we’ve all come to know and to love.  But, more specifically about the Tea Party itself.  How and why it was started, who was involved and, who has hi-jacked it.  That’s right! Hi-jacked!  Before we get started however, I thought it was interesting to note that O’Donnell’s father was one of the actors who played Bozo the Clown on the famous children’s show.  Tea Baggers, Witches and Clowns, oh my!   Okay!

Back to business…

You see, most people see the Tea Party as a right wing movement and they would be quantified in that train of thought.  However, that wasn’t always the case.  Before Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin got involved it was truly a grassroots movement.  It was lead by real people with real gripes and these people were from ALL walks of political life.  Not just the crusty old white racist Republicans that MSNBC likes to show you.  And, more than just the 2 black people that showed up to a FOX run rally that they like to exploit so they don’t look racist.

Are you confused yet?  Pissed off?  Both?  Good, then welcome to the Tea Party!  Let me try to clear up the confusion.  First order of business, realizing that the movement started before Palin started using her hand’o’prompter.  It started before Hannity used the movement to sell tickets to his hillbilly hate fests masquerading as freedom concerts.

Laughable really, a ‘freedom’ concert as the Patriot Act is in full swing and being extended and expanded by the Obama administration.  See how that works?  It was passed almost unanimously without being read under Bush and is made worse by Obama.  Not personally of course, puppets can only do what the person with their hand up the puppet’s ass makes them do. . . and say.

I digress…

It started even before Rick Santelli’s now famous rant on one of his CNBC morning segments.  Though it was very spirited and hard to argue, it was not the beginning of the original movement.  If you want to go to the beginning, look at Texas representative Ron Paul (R).  Yup, that Ron Paul, the one that people labeled as crazy for almost 20 years.  Not so crazy now huh?

Paul ran as a Libertarian in the 1988 presidential elections.  Though he is now a Republican, what he stands for is TRUE conservatism.  This historically means lower taxes and a smaller federal government.  Which are ideals that have seemed to elude the RINOs that campaign on these values yet, don’t seem to deliver when given the chance.  However, few seem to realize that true conservatism also includes; no unconstitutional wars that we CANNOT afford.

Chew on that for a minute.  He’s for lower taxes, smaller government, and against the GWOT?  He’s also fighting to get the boney fingers of the non-federal, financial terrorist Federal Reserve from around our tax paying necks.  He has also been a leading voice in calling out not the intelligence failures of the CIA, but the manipulation of intelligence, the muzzling of dissent, and the coup d’etat running history of the CIA.  To me, THAT is the Tea Party.

Sadly, after eight years of Bush, the Republicans saw a chance to put on a new face with the Tea Party.  Enter FOX ‘news’.  Look at us America, we’re fighting for you.  They promoted the fact that there were all kinds of Americans involved in the Tea Party.  The only problem is that eventually, the party was full of brainwashed FOX viewers.  This caused the fast growing movement to lean very far to the right.  They also started overshadowing the anti war aspect of the movement.  Think about it, every Tea Party backed candidate in the upcoming elections is a Republican.

You might be saying well, it is the “Taxed Enough Already” Party.  This is true, but don’t our tax dollars pay for the GWOT (Global War on Terror)?  Over and misspent dollars most of the time I might add.  So, if you think those are well spent tax dollars let me clear that up for you.

Nine  years later, we’re finally getting to the fight in Afghanistan and we’re protecting the Afghan poppy fields.  Oh yeah, we’re also leaving Iraq and the IEDs and car bombs haven’t slowed down one bit.  What about Halliburton and Blackwater?  The Patriot Act?  Please!!!!  Seems like there’s something I’m forgetting……of course…Osama bin Laden?!

I’m proud to say that this time around we have the balls to protest as ourselves.   We don’t have to dress up like Mohawk Native Americans and perpetrate a false flag operation to have our voices heard.  Now, we have to figure out how to keep our voices from being drowned out by the Republican and Democrat Parties.

There! I said it!


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