On a whim, my family and I decided to head out and get some BBQ! Being in Georgia, BBQ places are everywhere and I must say, I’m not impressed with most.  You know what it’s like when you get that really good BBQ…. you don’t forget that!  Unfortunately, everyone in the south thinks they can make BBQ, and sadly they can’t.

We took a chance and went to Barbecue Street in Kennesaw.  Even though we had never been before, we had high hopes.

When we got there I liked the feel of the restaurant with all the cute decor and knick knacks.  The southern girl in me likes that sort of thing ;)  We were greeted by several girls working at the front and shown to our table.  The kids were given reindeer coloring pages and crayons to entertain them for a moment.  They were able to turn them in upon leaving and were displayed for everyone to see.

Looking at the menu, it seemed standard fare for a BBQ place.  Pork, Chicken, Beef, Ribs…. salads, baked beans, coleslaw.  We ordered and it was time to test this place out.

Our appetizer arrived first along with a salad. Was that blue cheese dressing homemade? Oh God…. yum.  Fried pickles, hand battered and fried to absolute perfection! With a giant bowl of ranch dressing.  I was really starting to think I would like this place.

The kids meals arrived . . .  giant sized corndogs with a huge mound of french fries!  The kids ate most of it and if you are a parent, I need not say anything else about that.  If your kids even touch a meal at a restaurant you are happy, much less eat the whole thing.  You multiply that by 3 and you can imagine how happy I was!

Rob and I split the Beef Brisket plate.  The meat was falling apart with the least amount of effort from my fork. Delicious!  With the “Sweet Onion” and “Georgia Sweet” BBQ sauces I mixed together to make a magical taste journey, I was in hog heaven.  This is the BBQ I wanted!

As we were leaving, we paid our bill and talked briefly to some of the workers.  Everyone was pleasant and gave me a card to follow up with the owners.  As we stood in the foyer for a minute to get the kids ready, the moment arrived when I knew this place was a jewel.  The cashier ran out to me and asked if I had dropped a $50 bill!!! Yes, fifty dollars that could have easily been pocketed and I would have not even known where I lost it.  The honesty and integrity of the workers speak volumes of this restaurant.

When you are in the mood for some yummy fried food and great BBQ, get to Kennesaw, GA and visit Barbecue Street!!!!  Tell them The Backstage Beat sent you!