Atlanta multi-instrumental misfits Jeffrey Bützer (Midwives, Compartmentalizationists, West End Motel, himself) and T.T. Mahony (himself, T.T. Mahony and the Standard 8, Guyliner) return for the third year to the EARL stage to present their holiday love-letter to Atlanta: Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas, in its entirety.  A now handsomely graying Christmas tradition, the soundtrack and its companion cartoon speak to the quiet longing and beautiful desperation that make themselves felt at the end of the year.  Sorry No Ferrari will open with another sixties gem: The Ventures Christmas Album.  Holiday baked goods, projections and a homely threadbare Christmas tree will warm the EARL into Atlanta’s shared family home for two nights of jazzy revelry.  Perennially sold-out, this is a show it’s best to visit the EARL’s website and reserve tickets for.  This year, Bützer and Mahony are joined by the redoubtable Robby Handley on bass.

I had the privilege of talking to Jeffrey on the phone today to discuss this upcoming show and how he got his start in music.

Jeffrey told me that this Holiday Show always sells out. I think that is pretty impressive considering most people are getting picky about what shows they want to see and where they want to spend their money around the holidays.

Growing up in Marietta, GA., I was surprised to find out that Jeffrey was home-schooled pretty much his entire life.  I am a huge supporter of that, as I home-schooled my kids until quite recently.  He had older siblings and expressed how much fun they had in their house and with learning in general.  I admire that so much and wish every family could experience that bond and closeness that he obviously had.

So it’s no wonder he is such a warm and honestly sincere person.  His momma should be proud. ;-)   Jeffrey has been in and around music his entire life and it is reflective in his well rounded styles and well developed taste.

As we talked about mutual friends that we both have in common, we stumbled upon the topic of the internet.  Jeffrey explained to me that he saw the internet as both a blessing and curse.  “Now thanks to Youtube,  someone can judge you based on five seconds of a video without every hearing you or seeing you perform before.  It is really not fair that judgment can be passed so easily now.  As apposed to the 90’s when it was word of mouth and getting out there and talking to people that made you successful.  People purchased CD’s and would listen to the entire thing before judging since they just spent $12 dollars on it!  Now, you download something, listen for second, and if you don’t like it you can delete it without every giving it another chance.”

I agreed totally with him.  What a different time it is for musicians.  Both a blessing and curse is the best way to sum it up.

I asked him what it takes to be successful and this is what words of wisdom he gave me and all of you out there. . . ” Don’t ever guess what people want to hear when you are writing your songs and making your music. Do what you want and go with what feels right for you. Not what is popular right now or what you think will be popular in a year.  Also, GO OUT! Go out and be in the music industry, support the music industry and pay into it, it all comes back around.  The short of it is, Stop blogging and go out!”

Wise, yes.  Talented, yes.  Jeffrey was a pleasure to talk to and I cannot wait to see Stephanie’s review of his amazing show this weekend!

I do believe Friday’s show is sold out.  Get your tickets to the Saturday show now!  Check for and purchase  TICKETS HERE