The wonderful people at Life University invited myself and my kids to come enjoy their “Lights of Life”.

Friday night we arrived at 6 p.m. when the lights had turned on and the cars were starting to arrive.

We parked and headed out to see what this little Christmas world they had set up was all about.  Lights, fires and the sounds of Christmas filled the air.  I knew we were about to make a memory.  We stopped at all the little scenes set up to look inside to see the activity. Penguins fishing, elves making toys and Santa and Mrs. Clause in the kitchen!  How cute!  We went to see the man himself, yes… Santa!  Cindy Crews of Crews Photography was there and ready to take pictures with Santa.  I don’t think she was very happy to see me, but then again I did catch her off guard.  She takes pictures and prints them on the spot!  I am certain that she does her job well, so make sure you stop in and tell her I sent you!

We then made our way to the train ride and petting zoo.  I was so pleasantly surprised with the warm welcome I received from the guys with Laser Sporting of Ga, Inc.  and how eager he was to give my children a ride on his train!  What a great thing for a family to do!  Hop on this adorable mini train adorned with Christmas lights and take a ride!  He rents this little train out for birthday parties too!  If you happen to rent it for one of your parties, invite me cause that train is so cute!

The petting zoo was adorable! Jesse Franklin, with Cricket’s Mobile Petting Zoo let us in to visit the animals and chase some bunnies!  Aleena caught one and held it the entire time we were there.  Braeden enjoyed chasing a tiny goat while Dorian just liked to watch everything.  They actually do private parties as well, so I think I just gave you an idea for your next themed party!

We left all the fun and climbed back in the truck to see these magical lights.  As we drove back onto the road, I looked int he rear view mirror and saw exactly what I had hoped to see, mouths open and eyes bright! This was a beautiful journey with thousands of lights. Something my kids and myself with not soon forget.  We discovered another family tradition for Christmas.  Thank you Lights of Life!