Located at 645 Whitlock Avenue in Marietta, Georgia, Niks Place is a little gem for music in metro Atlanta.  I had never been to Niks Place before but had heard about the fun there for many years now.

It was high time I went.  Along with Rob, we walked into Niks Place on a Wednesday night and immediately loved the feel.  It used to be a farm house, dating back to the late 1800’s.  It was the Marietta Cupboard from 1975 until 2000.  Then in 2005 it became Niks Place and serves authentic Greek food.  Including Greek dishes like, Mousaka and Patitsio.  Also,  from what I heard, they have one of the best Gyro’s around!

Rob and I happen to know Mike Martin pretty well and knew that he helped to host the Wednesday night open mic jam.  When we got there, Mike was setting up so we took a seat at the bar.  Looking around, you could tell this building used to be a house.  It was crowded and tight, but we loved it.  The crowd seemed nice and ranged wide in age.

The bartender, Karlos, greeted us and was happy to tell me a little about the history of the place, the food and the specials.  He also told us about their nightly line up of great musicians.  This place has live music every night of the week!  He showed us the menu and while it did have its standard bar food, it also boasted a large amount of truly authentic Greek dishes and appetizers.

As we sat, waiting for Mike to begin the music we talked briefly to one of the regulars, Adam Turner.  He told us that he has been coming there for a while and is there nearly every night.  Adam said what he loves at Niks Place is the great bartenders and the wonderful homey feel.  I agree Adam!

Niks Place is open until 3 a.m. every night of the week except Sundays, when they close at midnight. Free wifi as well!

There is always something going on there from Poker to music and they do have televisions if you are interested in watching sports.

Check ’em out online and see their full calendar of events! NIKS PLACE

On a side note, Mike Martin and Kirk Plunkett do a great job!  Rob got up with Mike, Eric Sands and Charlie Korch to do a little Judas Priest! It rocked!

Make sure you visit Niks Place, and visit it regularly. You won’t be disappointed.  If you go on a Wednesday, say hello to Mike Martin and Kirk Plunkett . . . tell them all The Backstage Beat sent you!

This old 1868 farm house was the home of the Groggens family and then the Crooks family. In 1975 until 2000, it was turned into a restaurant and was known as the Marietta Cupboard. From August 2000 and until 2004, it was known as The Back Porch Bar & Grill. From 2005 to the present, it became NIKS PLACE serving authentic Greek food.

This old house is one of the few historic homes in Marietta operating as a business outside the Square. To some it is a reminder of a bygone era in today’s corporate world. As for me, being a newcomer to Marietta (since 1994) and coming from a real ancient city as Athens Greece, I have learned to appreciate and admire the craftsmanship of the past. I love the history, nostalgia, and character this old house offers. – Nik Zaimis, owner