I am super stoked and feel the excitement course through my blood.  For those of you who do not know, I missed REHAB in Atlanta by seconds.  It makes this show all the more sweet!  Danny, Demun, Mike, Foz, Hano, and Chris come out and the crowd goes wild!  These men do not stay still either, and the dancing and movement on stage is phenomenal.  I see the heart and soul of the music being performed right in front of me.  Drinking Problem starts and I am dancing in a cage next to the crowd.  I am trying to get pictures, but the cage is rocking from the movement of all on the floor below me.  Not one person is sitting still.  These guys really know how to write music that relates to the masses and I find myself hoarse within minutes.  My nephew Nick is a HUGE fan of REHAB! I look over at him and he is nothing but smiles.  This is what REHAB music means to me: laughter, smiles, rock, soul, and a flair that complements my lifestyle. Demun is spitting lyrics and will not sit still.  I do not think I got one picture of him that was clear!  But hey, he is not here to pose.  He is here to perform for his fans.  And perform is all REHAB does at The Warehouse in Clarksville, TN.

Danny and the boys sing 1980 and it takes me back to Big Wheels and Monchichis.  Yes, I am a child of the 80’s and proud of it.  I feel the roller skate motion hit my feet and I am moving like mad.  I look around and I am not alone.  On and off stage people are in constant motion.  Foz handles his guitar the way a man handles a woman with a little bit of roughness around the sensual edges.  I told him, “What I would not give to be your guitar.”  He just smiles because he knows.  Mike is in front of me jamming out to the songs being played and giving me an eye-full of talent.  Hano holds his guitar like an extension of his body and rocks the melodies all night long. Chris, man Chris! He bangs the drums like no other and brings the thump to the music.  As the night comes to a sweaty end, Danny announces that everyone has to sing along and that all people know the words to the next song; and Bartender begins.  I have never seen a crowd all SING along with such a deafening roar.  I will admit it is one of my favorite songs.  I am honored to hear Bartender performed live by the original band who knows it best.  REHAB, I am so glad I made out this time to see you.  For the holidays, REHAB will soon be taking a break to be with their families, but check out their future tour dates HERE. Thank-you again REHAB for having me out.  My friends, you are MASTERS of ENTERTAINMENT!