Walking from my car to The Masquerade I almost freeze.  I mean this is Georgia!  I like the fifty degree weather that we normally see this time of year.  I am greeted by the HOT men of The Masquerade and get my ticket at the box office. Thanks boys!  Within the next few moments I find myself face to face with Jerry Only as I need a lanyard for photos.  I am a little tongue tied and say thank-you over and over.  Yes, I know this is not the normal behavior for a patron of a horror punk show, but it was JERRY ONLY! Slowly I walk away and travel in amongst the concert goers.  I pony up to the bar in Hell and order an awesome drink specialty called what else: A Creamsicle.  Have to comment that I cannot believe I find myself drinking this because yesterday The Falcons creamed the creamsicles.  Anyway. . . sitting down and to my right is a young man with his Father.  Yes, thirteen and rocking the skull gloves. We talked for a bit and I told  him I would bring him up to the photo barricade.  I do not think they believed me.  I walk outside and right back in because my nose froze.  At this moment I think why not just go right to Heaven.  I walk up the stairs and greet my friends and then beeline it to the front. I am talking back and forth to the other photographers, and then I see the kid. I grab him and set him on stage to get a photo.  I am so happy for him and I know along with The Misfits that I will forever be ingrained in this kid’s memory bank.

All talking stops.  I am in awe as the members of The Misfits take the stage: Jerry Only on Bass and Lead Vocals; Dez Cadena on Guitar and Backing Vocals; and the newest member of the band, Eric “Goat” Arce on Drums.  With camera aimed, I begin to shoot a legend in music that I have heard since I was a little kid.  I’m having a hard time “focusing” on my agenda as the punk sound emanates from the stage.  At one point I am able to come back to reality and the job at hand.  I crawl back and forth to get the best pictures of the group.  I am so intent on my task that I don’t pay attention to the crowd behind me.  This is a unfortunate! I feel a “BAM!” and there is a foot in my nose then a “BOOM!” and I am down. Adrenaline is running high in my system and hey the nose is not broken so I continue on. Soon the gathering of fans becomes wild and all of us are quickly ushered from the stage. When Skulls begins to play the surfing becomes ecstatic and all of The Masquerade sings to a fever pitch.  IT WAS LOUD!!!  Just the way I like it!

The Misfits KILL the stage at The Masquerade.  The music was sick!  I wait around to meet the band and find myself backstage with awestruck fans with me being one of them.  Dez Cadena poses for a picture with me and I listen in as another journalist asks him a few questions.  I do like how Dez says, “Atlanta is one of the best places to play and we all make him feel like he is at home. ”  He also comments that, “When Atlanta comes out, they want a show and we are happy to put one on.” Yeah Dez, we welcome you and are glad you put Atlanta on the tour!  Eric “Goat” Arce appears in the Green Room and ladies, I have to tell you my excitement level goes through the roof!  Not only can this guy put a hurting on the drums, but he is also one fine male specimen.  I do not normally comment on the members, but he did pose without his shirt on.  Check out the photo and I am sure you will enjoy.  Jerry Only stays out front talking and signing autographs for nearly an hour.  I see him headed back to his tour bus and ask for a picture.  He was done.  I do not blame him.  They played an awesome set and off he went.  The Misfits are going back to the studio to produce another album.  For all you FIENDS, check out their website HERE! All in all, this show put a “gruesome” smile on my face and what better place to see The Misfits than The Masquerade!  I have a knee the color of a plum and the size of a grapefruit but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.