Great “Review You” post by Beth Korch .  Beth, her husband Charlie and daughters were winners of our Beauty and the Beast ticket giveaway! Thank you Beth for sending us this review!

My family was lucky enough to win tickets recently to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at The Fox Theater. Being huge Disney fans, we were all very excited. Unfortunately, the roads were still icy on the night of the show. Driving to The Fox took us over two hours and it was a very nerve-racking drive, to say the least. We were late for the show but there were many others who were late as well. I was worried about missing the first act, but the usher informed us that the show began late so we actually didn’t miss much of the performance. We were then escorted to the very last row of the theater. We looked down on Belle who appeared to be only an inch or so high. We were still enthralled. The theater is gorgeous and the performers were so incredible that it didn’t matter that we were so far from the stage. The music and dancing had us on the edge of our seats.

At intermission we went down to our assigned seats and discovered we were in the 12th row. How amazing!!! From these seats we could really appreciate the costumes and pageantry. My daughter and I really liked the Wardrobe’s costume. She had oversized pockets in her gown where she would reach in and produce something beautiful for Belle to wear. We again were totally engrossed by the fight scene between Gaston and the Beast. Through the magic of stage props and theater secrets the rainy rooftop battle was awesome.

We all had such a great time, I know this was a night none of us will soon forget. Thank you sincerely Backstage Beat for the tickets, we all appreciate you.