Enjoy this Gallery by our very own Tom Dausner! Thanks Tom!

Show information by Eric Newcomer

Right from the jump, the debut performance of The Nominees fronted by Seanna Turner was a delicious serving of Rock-n-Roll at its finest! With Joshua Sattler on bass, Mike Froedge on Drums, and Jimmy Mullins on guitar, this band has got something that will keep you coming back for more.

As the crowds mouth was just starting to salivate for more, Greedy White Citizens laid that all to rest! With their aggressive style, driving guitar riffs, slammin’ bass, and rockin’ drums, they worked that crowd as if they were at Gold’s Gym for a work out! Thank you Matt Shultz, Austin Bolan, Chris Sincavage, They will literally leave you breathless when they conclude their performance.

And now coming to the stage, the band that started this whole thing! SidAerial!!! I love these guys! Professional, polished and ROCKIN’ ! They are coming into their own and bringing it right into your face. Jonas Lagana, WuD, and Aaron Andurs have got it going on!

What a way to close out a night, by closing it with The Dreaded Marco (That’s Marco, not Marcos)! Fully loaded with some of Atlanta’s Premier Professional musicians (Charlie Sheets, Dixie Duncan, Mike Froedge, and Scott Williams), they take you thru a roller coaster of tunage before they slam you with the full onslaught of ROCK in your FACE!!