Ned Evett & Triple Double blew into Atlanta on December 1st with Joe Satriani.  This band was an amazing opener!

With Ned at the helm, Malcolm Bruce: Bass and Todd Chavez: Drums were a power trio that rocked Center Stage with a fierceness like I rarely see.  Ned has a great sense of humor, talking up the audience between songs and sharing stories that made us all chuckle.

Ned Evett first appeared on the scene in 2004, appearing on national television in the PBS documentary ‘ Driven To Play ‘. The film covered Ned winning the North American Rock Competition, and introduced most people to the concept of a fretless guitar. The guitar used to win the show featured a shimmering glass fingerboard designed by Ned.

One of the things that sticks out about Ned, is his fretless guitars.  Look at this video of him playing.

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Shortly after the show in Atlanta, Ned called me from his tour and told me a little about him.

Growing up in music, it seemed natural that Ned would be a musician himself.  His great uncle was a Classical Composer, his mother was an Opera Singer and father an accomplished Pianist.  Starting when he was fifteen years old,  his journey to Fretless Guitar Genius was well on its way.  He studied classical music with a full scholarship and has been recording and touring since.

With five solo records under his belt, this forty three year old guitar master knows what he is doing.  It was evident when he took the stage that Wednesday night at Center Stage.

Along with his band, Ned has been on the road with Joe Satriani since October 25, 2010.  While on tour with such a musical icon like Satriani, Ned rarely gets a break as they play 6 nights a week.

When I heard his rendition of  Jeff Buckley’s version of  “Hallelujah” (written by Leonard Cohen),  I was mesmerized.  What was amazing was his transition during the bridge into “Sleep Walk” originally done by Santo and Johnny in 1959.  I asked Ned about that and he told me he had spent about five years on San Fransisco.  In 1993 he went out to see some new artist that was emerging.  That artist was Jeff Buckley and seeing him changed his life forever.

This clip comes courtesy of Cullun Culp:

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Ned is currently working on a Fretless Guitar DVD.  We are certain that whatever 2011 holds for Mr. Evett,  it will be great!  We look forward to keeping up with him and his many adventures!  The Backstage Beat knows this is not the last we will see of Ned Evett & Triple Double, and we hope the same for you all. Find him ONLINE, ON FACEBOOK and MYSPACE.

Thank you Ned for the call and keep in touch!  Look forward to seeing you again in Atlanta.