A beautiful Sunday afternoon in Atlanta.  It feels like spring and I am excited to get out and get some fresh air with my family.  Not only are we going to enjoy this amazing spring like weather, we are going to see Peter Pan 360 at Pemberton Place!!!

As we arrived, I noticed the tent set up in front of the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola.  Inside that tent was an elaborate construction of bleachers, seats and a set that can change in a second.  Once we arrived we were greeted by the beautiful ladies of Brave Public Relations, whom we have dealt with numerous times, and as always this was another wonderful experience working with them.

Grabbing out tickets and finding our way to our seats, we realized we had some of the best seats in the house! Right in front of the stage!  On the circular ceiling you could see what appeared to be a curtain.  Mind you, this whole entire show is in 360 degrees on projection.  So you can literally see all around you.

The show opens, of course in the bedroom of the Darling children, Wendy (played by Samantha Hopkins), Michael (played by Andrew Gruen) and John (played by Elijah Trichon).  Everyone knows how the story of Peter Pan goes but I can tell you, You have NEVER seen a show like this. Ever!  The actors clip on to cables that are hanging from the ceiling and  fly around the stage and above it, up 30 feet in the air!

When Peter Pan (played by Ciaran Joyce), Tinkerbell (played by Emily Yetter) and the kids start to fly off through the bedroom window, the whole 360 ceiling of projection starts to move with them.  You get the feeling of flying yourself as they soar above London.  We flew by Big Ben and The House of Parliment and all through the city before arriving in Neverland.

As I mentioned before, Tinkerbell is what I think to be one of the best roles in the entire show.  She was by far my favorite to watch.  She was great flying through the air, doing acrobatics and making jokes.  Just an absolute pleasure to watch.

Mr. Darling and Captain Hook are both played by Darrell Brockis.  What he brought to both roles would be hard to replace.  How he changed from Captain Hook back into Mr. Darling at the end was pretty amazing… timing is everything!

The Mermaids were breathtaking.  Not at all what I was expecting.  They were both two accomplished aerialists.  The things the did on stage and above stage were amazing!  Makes me want to take one of those aerial theater classes!  Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes could not have made more beautiful and convincing mermaids.

I do not have one bad thing to say about this show.  From a family fun standpoint, it is the best  Several times throughout the performance I looked to see my kids laughing or they eyes huge with delight and wonder!  From an adult standpoint, trust me when I say you have not seen a performance like this.  The show runs though March 20th so you have time to get out there and see this!  You really do not want to miss this.

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*We do want to mention that The Pirates and The Lost Boys were all fantastic actors and a pleasure to watch!* – (Thank you James Nieb for reminding us)  :)

photo credit: Ed Krieger