Come on out and get scorched by the sounds of *SidAerial, The Dreaded Marco,
Greedy White Citizens*, and a debut performance by *The Nominees* taking
place on *January 22nd* at the *Hard Rock Cafe’s Velvet Underground,
Atlanta, GA*.  Doors open at 8pm, you can buy your tickets in advance HERE!

$8 if your 21 or older, $10 if your 20 and under;
at the door $10 if your 21 and older, $12 if your 20 and under. ALL AGES!!!

*SidAerial* is writing and performing music for their fans and has been
since 2007. Thousands of digital copies have been sold and the band is
really building up momentum regionally and nationally. Which has opened the
door for them to share the stage with such bands as *Sevendust, Taproot,
Flaw, 10 Years, Bobaflex, and Hydrovibe*. SidAerial is expecting to release
a new EP in spring of *2011*.   *”See It!”*, the first single has already
been released and has been featured on Atlanta radio numerous times.
*2011*is looking like it is going to be a busy year for the band and
no matter what happens they will keep writing and performing music for one reason:

*THE DREADED MARCO* – Fresh out of Atlanta! *The Dreaded Marco* stands as a
reminder of what named the South dirty. The band began as a brain child of *Charlie
Sheets* and *Dixie Duncan*, long time friends and veterans of Atlanta’s rock
music scene. The two booked studio time with engineer/drummer *Mike Froedge*at
*Open Sky Studio* in Atlanta and began working on songs together. Raw rock
n’ roll, nothing but sonic attitude, hip shaking grooves meet head banging
beats. The addition of *Scott Williams* on bass guitar brought another jazz
groove and boogie influence into the Marco style. The sound or genre the
band would be classified in was an afterthought for *The Dreaded Marco*, and
that freedom birthed a truly original sound. *The Dreaded Marco: Dirty Rock n Roll*

*Greedy White Citizen or GWC *– Part of the Altanta scene for quite a few
years now and just keep getting better and better. With the Management and
career molding of *Nina Baldridge (Fast Forward Management)* these guys are
sure to jump to the National stage real soon! With the teamwork of *Matt
Schultz* on Vocals, *Austin Bolen* on Guitar, *Chris Sincavage* on Bass, and
*Alex Gray* on Drums this band will be UNSTOPPABLE in 2011. With their
unique blend of straight up Rock-n-Roll and Mainstream Metal, you are sure
to get caught up in the frenzy of the moment! In the studio with Neil
Citron, these new songs are going to kick your teeth in. ENJOY!!!

*THE NOMINEES – *Not much to say just yet other than this young lady by the
name of Seanna Turner is backed up by some of Atlanta’s TOP musicians (Mike
Froedge – Dixie, Inc., DoubleDrive, SpeedX to name a few; Josh Sattler –
DoubleDrive and SpeedX) and will be making their debut performance on this
stage. You absolutely DON’T want to miss out on being the first to witness!