Opening Day of the brand new show, The Body Detective at The Center For Puppetry Arts went off without a hitch. We arrived to see the theater already filled with a children of all ages.  Everyone was ready for a great show as only The Center for Puppetry Arts can do.

The Body Detective opens with Detective Sam Flatfoot trying to figure out who is responsible for the body.  He is greeted with all the five senses, goes on a hysterical journey through the entire body and dances with a giant skeleton. My kids were laughing and learning the entire time.  This is definitely my MUST DO Family Fun event. Your kids will enjoy the show and learn so much about the body and how it works together, and at the end…. you get to make a skeleton head puppet!!!

Coming up, Super Sleuthing Detective Days!

Saturday, January 22 from 9am – 5pm
Sunday, January 23 from 12pm – 5pm

Theme Day Activities:

“I Spy” Museum Stake Out: Follow the footprints through the museum collection. A magnifying glass with a special “I spy” clue is hidden in each room. Can you find the skeleton puppet? What about the puppet with the longest nose? Be sure to follow the trail into the shadow puppet booth and see what you can make with your own hands!

“Detective Name Game”:  Step right up and crack open a case file. Each envelope contains a special detective name. Will you be a Gumshoe, a Private Eye, an Agent, or a Sleuth?

“Spine Up, Line Up”:  Stand up straight and measure your height on our police lineup wall.  We’ve got all the props you’ll need to take hilarious mug shots — mustaches, eyebrows, silly hats, glasses, and more! Be sure to bring your camera so you can snap a picture to share with your friends on Facebook!

Activities are FREE with the purchase of an admission ticket.


*Photo by Kathryn Kolb