As 2010 came and went, we had the privilege of meeting some amazing people and doing some amazing things.

2010 brought The Backstage Beat to Atlanta.  What a pleasure it has been to get to know all the people and businesses that support us . . . all the local Atlantans that make this venture possible.

We have an amazing staff of writers and photographers and love having them.  We lost a few along the way, but all in all, we have grown and prospered.  We will continue to grow and promote the Atlanta community.  So many things are already planned all the way through May!

So, here is my list of top moments I  cherish.  Moments that made me laugh and moments that made me feel so lucky!


10. INTERVIEW WITH KEVN KINNEY –  To me this was one of the funniest interviews I had done all year.  Someone should give that guy his own talk show.  I could have sat there all afternoon and listened to him talk.  It was very entertaining and I never knew what he was going to say next.

Check out the interview here!

9. THE DANDY WARHOLS –  Meeting with Zia of The Dandy Warhols at Vinyl before the show was really interesting.  She is unbelievably sweet and easy to talk to.  The show was mind blowing too!  I was fighting a headache and I still could not pull myself away from the show!  The opening act was fantastic and when The Dandy Warhols took the stage,  I just couldn’t leave and I didn’t want them too either.  Great show!!!

Check out our Audio Interview with Zia and Concert Gallery stuff here!

8. THE PIXIES –  Seeing the Pixies at The Fox Theatre was pretty amazing.  It was even more amazing that Frank Black talked to me on his tour bus.  It was a cute and funny interview.  Unfortunately, due to the camera operator’s embarrassing behavior, we couldn’t use the footage.  Well, that was a lesson learned!  We can’t wait to see Black Francis come through town again and hear what he and his wife are coming out with this year!





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7. ATLANTA BALLET –  Meeting Sigele from Atlanta Ballet was great!  She was so accommodating and allowed me to come in and see dress rehearsals and the shows at The Fox Theatre.  She offered up ticket giveaways and even tickets for my family and friends to see the show.  So great to see such amazing dancers live.  I can not wait to see The Atlanta Ballet in their upcoming 2011 Season!

See more here!

6. SUBLIME W/ROME –  Seeing Sublime with Rome was really a great thing.  It was right near my birthday and I had been a Sublime fan since I was about 15.  Rob happened to know the guys from the Long Beach music scene in the late 80’s , so it was cool to talk  about those days when Bradley was around.  Great show and an overall great time.  It got better when Sublime used my photos of their show on their site and social network sites!

5. Toy Story 3 On Ice –  This was one of my favorite things I did all year representing TBB.  To be able to take my family to see one of their favorite things, Toy Story!  It was awesome! The skill of the skaters, the set design, the actual voices of the characters blew us away.  We had been to opening day of Toy Story 3 the movie,  and seeing it live rink side was so fantastic!  I couldn’t take my eyes off of all three kids as they stared in amazement as all of their favorite characters came skating out!  This was definitely my top for family fun!


4.  JOE SATRIANI –  Talking to Joe Satriani on the phone while he was in Spain was something I enjoyed.  He was polite and professional and really made me excited to see his show on Dec. 1st.  His show was phenomenal and I really enjoyed shooting pictures that night with my other two photog friends for TBB, Tom Dausner and Cool Keith Minor.


Check out the great pix of the concert and the audio interview here

3.  KIDS IN THE HALL –  Having Kevin McDonald and Mark McKinney call me from New York to talk to me about the IFC show, “Death Comes to Town” was amazing! I have been a huge KITH fan since I was around 12 and I have to admit, it was one of the only interviews that I did in 2010 where I got nervous.  They were as funny as I thought they would be and very nice.  Hope to talk to them again in 2011.

Have a listen here, enjoy and laugh along with them on this first installment of interviews with The Kids in the Hall.

[audio: BBKidsInTheHallInterview.mp3]


2.  BILLY WEST –  Meeting Billy West and Phil Lamar at Dragon*Con was such a great time.  Billy West and I immediately got along as though we were long lost friends.  I knew when our interview was over,  it would not be the last time I would talk to him.  Sure enough about a month after meeting him I got a phone call one night and on the other end I heard, “Is this Ange Alex? Hey, this is Billy West”.  From that day on Billy and I have remained good friends, chatting and skyping.  He is a great friend that helps give me business advice being that he has been in this weird entertainment world for 40 years!  Can not wait to see him again this year and all the other things that will come from our friendship.

Check out the interview here!

1.  STAN LEE –  Yes, meeting the legend Stan Lee in person at Dragon*Con and interviewing him was definitely a huge highlight of 2010.  He was such a nice guy and was so happy to talk to me.  We are excited again to see him in 2011!  Wait until you see what we have planned!


2010 is gone.  We will never be able to go back.  I am thankful for all the things I was able to do and all the amazing people I was able to meet in 2010.  I am thrilled at the year ahead and invite  you all to join me in this wild wild ride!

Starting with training for Tough Mudder…. watch our teams progress, cheer us on and donate to our chip in for The Wounded Warrior Project!  Tough Mudder is in March so we don’t have much time!  Thanks to my team for signing on to torture themselves with me and to raise money for some amazing Vets that put their lives on the line for us! Check it out right here!

Happy 2011 Everyone!!!