It’s Saturday night!  I have my tickets in hand walking into Wild Bill’s to see Almost Kings.  Tonight they are releasing their new EP, CLUBROCK.  It would not matter if it was a CD release or not, I would still be here for the show.  I walk in and am hit by a gigantic crowd of people.  This group is unique in that they are not signed and handle everything from merchandise to booking venues.  Their business savvy and marketing works.  Tonight I see hundreds of fans.  I am a fan.  I head to the front with my camera in tow and I am ushered into the throngs of a huge group of people.  I feel the crowd’s excitement is only for an energy rush of adrenaline caused by being entertained with good music and listening to a great performance.  Almost Kings enter stage right.  The drummer begins to tap lightly with his sticks and then BAM!  Onto the stage comes the rest of the group.  I have said once and I will say it again, it is hard to get pictures of these guys because they simply do not stand still.

If Rage Against the Machine and 311 had a baby, I do believe it would be named Almost Kings.  A band of 2011 heavily influenced by the grunge, rap, and heavy metal of the 1990’s; Almost Kings manages to intertwine all these genres of music in their lyrics.  To see AK perform BOUNCE! Live is a treat.  This is a high energy band.  They jump and bounce off of almost anything . . . and when they jump?  They catch air.  Thank you guys for putting on a great show.   The new songs off your EP are great.  Thanks to all who I met throughout the night. It was a great one.  Happy Birthday to Keith Minor who has a rendition of the wild night and his celebration details. He was there with me tonight.  I tried finding him. I was never able to locate him.  Even with “text” directions :)  Almost Kings . . .  I will sum up the night and I think there are several out there who would agree with me: It was a perfect combination, a perfect storm.